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Pensacola, Florida

My name is Natasha. In 1984 my twin brother and I were born to a young mother that couldn’t raise us. We were adopted by a couple that my grandparents knew, and lived with them for 18 years. My father was gone a lot, and my mother was physically and psychologically abusive to me. On top of all this we were raised in a Baptist household, where our whole lives where church. At 18 I ran away from home during a day where the events that took place, the names I was called, and the threats ring in my ears to this day.

I married a military man, where we had two amazing children. After six years in my marriage, I started to realize that I had feelings for women. I passed them off as a phase, until I met one person in particular. She made my heart quicken, my head swim, and my palms sweat, but most of all, she saw me for who I was. My ex and I decided to separate shortly after I came out to him as bi. Instead of letting me come out to my friends and family, he told every- one. I began to receive hate mail and was told that I should die and go to hell.

When I left him, friends from college supported me and helped me get through some tough times. I sold all the nice jewelry I had just to survive. I am in process of going to court more than likely because he will not give me joint custody of my girls. A stay at home former military housewife not getting joint custody because she came out. I’ve been told I will pay eternally if my new lifestyle sways them in anyway. As if being bisexual suddenly took my love for God away and made me a monster that does drugs and has orgies. I’m still me, exact same mommy with morals and standards for my kids and I’m about to be in fight of my life. But I won’t be absent from my girls. When people say it gets easier I hope and pray that after a year and continuing of this that it eventually one day does. Thank you for reading this. 



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