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Hammond, Louisiana

“..When my wife Liz got fired from her wilderness therapy job in AZ for being gay it was her first direct experience of discrimination and it truly took the wind out of her sails. There was no law protecting her, but we sued the organization, knowing the suit wouldn't amount to anything more than getting this kind of story on the public record. But that just wasn't enough. She was truly shaken and ashamed. Their problem had become her problem, and I wanted her to remember that she was fine, just the way she was.

So what did we do? We started a rock band - an out, lesbian rock band in the Catholic deep south of her hometown of Hammond, Louisiana called "The Shiz." The band became her platform for sharing her view of the world without fear of dismissal and rejection, and now three years and many gigs later, we're realizing that our music isn't just about affirming ourselves, it's about our community. There have been times in our lives when we've felt like we'd hit rock bottom, and music has lifted us. That's what we aspire to do for our audiences...”




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