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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I did not have an 'intense' coming out experience. At age 14 or 15  I told my closest family member, a cousin..that I felt attraction to boys only and not girls. They displayed nothing but acceptance and said they wished me happiness. Fully supportive. 


Several years later in telling my only parent, I was met with some warnings to be careful, but ultimately full acceptance.

Due to these two experiences I've never felt guilt, shame or embarrassment of who I am.

At another point in life, I felt I might want a family so I opened my world to being receptive to any sincere attraction to a female if it happened to come about. It did, I enjoyed it, and through this coupling became a father which I very much loved.

My gay friends couldn't fully appreciate my status of fatherhood, and my straight friends couldn't really grasp my same sex attraction..so that part of my life was somewhat like living in between two very different worlds. It was difficult to find my balance for a while.

Though the marriage lasted only a few years, it was a wonderful path to explore, and has resulted in my ability to love myself at a deeper level than before.

I do not believe I have ever been discriminated against, except by one family member who has strong beliefs in religious ideas which will not accept a person like myself. I find that to be their loss.

I feel like a very, very lucky man. I have never really connected with the terminology of homosexuality, even the word Gay. Queer. Fag. These words do not bother me, and I think that is because I know I love myself the way i am no matter who may call out insults. I do not feel attached to any one of these terms in describing myself.

Finding long term partners has been challenging and I am currently a single man.
It is not uncomfortable....I am ok on my own.

Thank you




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