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I've always known I liked girls. I had my first "girlfriend" when I was 4 and was told from that moment on how much of an abomination anything besides heterosexuality was. 


I'm from the South, and that, coupled with a religious background, didn't make my coming out any easier. I came out to my mom 6 times before it finally sank in. 


I was never ashamed of who I was, and everyone who knew me knew I liked women. 


I struggled with myself for years. I identified as bisexual but realized that I was just trying to please my family with the small hope I'd marry a man. I got so mad at myself for allowing myself to not be myself to the fullest extent and finally came out as queer...to my whole family. 


To this day my mother still makes sure I know that she thinks it's disgusting and against God. It kills me to know that she thinks that but I can do nothing but be myself.




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