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Once upon a time, that moment you will never forget. I never was that “loud and proud” gay, I’ve always been quiet about my sexuality and there are several reasons for that. Partially it just Being my own personality to keep to myself but I know it also has a lot to do with where I grew up. Born and raised in rural NJ, right on the edge of PA, it was unheard of to be gay in my town. I was always the black sheep in the clan of my friends when it came to talking about boys and ultimately when it came to dating them. I waited till the tail end of my senior year of high school to finally date a guy just to keep everyone from questioning what was really going on inside my head. Nonetheless, I managed to make it through my high school years unscathed of scrutiny, a lucky fete indeed though I wish I could say the same for my mother who wasn’t as oblivious as my classmates had been nor as forgiving and open. Such is life though. I had learned early on it’s virtually impossible to change a person though not completely unrealistic to influence their opinion over time, thus leading me to the possibility for my own project, to document gay pride parades in america, shedding light on a new form of american pride. When I think of my future I don’t consider myself any different or think my needs or wants are any less then that of a straight woman. I hope for happiness, health, a warm home, a beautiful family and a loving spouse to come home to, even if that spouse happens to be a woman.

Two years ago i moved to NYc to attend parsons the new school for design as a photography major. i have since felt like i finally have found a place in which i can be myself without worry of what other's might think. though upon discovering the openness of new york i've come to feel spoiled that i have outlets around every corner to be myself when people my own age and younger are still struggling to find themselves in their own homes and towns. i think self evident truths is a beautiful way of showing the world that we are no different then the next person, we are still human. Looking at the faces documented already, I can identify some i even know and some faces i've seen but had no idea. that's what i find most beautiful about this project. i'm just as surprised as the next person. the cycle goes on and on. keep up the great work!­




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