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Jaime is a 43 year old salon owner, stylist, and post-operative male to female transsexual. She's from a bit further east, Elizabethton, TN, where it is my understanding it was hard living. I'm a 40 year old software developer, small business owner, and t-operative male to female transsexual. We don't know when our anniversary is, but we have a few important dates:


  • September 1999: I met Jaime at a support group meeting. We both feel in love with each other instantly, but kept it to ourselves for years.
  • June 2000: Jaime and her boyfriend Don got married and it broke my heart.
  • September 2003: Jaime hydroplaned in her new car. Having never learned the importance of seat belts, I was ejected from the vehicle and survived.
  • September 2004: We bought a home together.
  • October 2004: My teenage daughter came to live with us.
  • June 2005: My son came to live with us.


Somewhere between her marriage and the car wreck, we expressed our feelings for one another. The term "soulmate" is an inadequate description of our bond with one another. Our children are now grown and on their own. We have one granddaughter and a grandson on the way.


I cannot tell you much about Jaime's life before I met her. Her immediate family has accepted me into the fold and I love them dearly. Over the years, she has revealed small bits and pieces of what her childhood was like and what brought her to Maryville, TN. It was Jaime that got me involved in activism when she was the South Atlantic Regional Director for PFLAG. As for myself, I could talk for hours about growing up and trying to be the all american boy, enlisting in the Air Force and promptly being discharged 18 months later when they found I had "gender issues", about a nine year loveless marriage to the daughter of Satan, and a suicide attempt that turned my life completely upside down. I'm an activist when a particular issue inspires me. There have been several over the past few years.




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