The Team

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iO is an artist, photographer, writer, speaker, and actor. She founded the Self Evident Truths project, and takes all the photos. She is the pied piper of the movement.

Instagram: @iolovesyou
Twitter: @iolovesyou

Tyler is the Project Manager of Self Evident, which basically means he is iO's right hand man. He travels with her to as many shoots as he can, where he works his charm on recruiting faces. He is also in charge of logistics for all the trips, and managing staff!

LA is a London-based designer and is the design director and web guy for the project. He is responsible for the WE ARE YOU t-shirt, all our flyers, this website, and most any other visuals you see coming out of the Self Evident Truths world. He has been with us since the beginning.


Jenny is amazing. She does the thankless work of deciphering people's handwriting, inputting all the data people scribble onto their release forms, and making sure everything on that end is legit. She is also a painting major at Chapman University, who is about to graduate!!


Kashi was the producer of the project for the first three years, and helped form its current identity. She now manages special projects for us, and will be in charge of the DC installation. Kashi is an unparalleled mastermind. 

Kashi Mai

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