Help us

Yes! So you want to help out. That's awesome!


If you are able to donate in any way, either by buying t-shirts, stickers & bags, or just by giving, that is the most helpful thing.


Spread the word! Try to encourage others to buy the shirt and spread the message and video around.


Are you a social connector? The best links to faces are people who are local in the cities we are visiting, since we always need help letting people know we'll be there. If you can wrangle a posse, that would be awesome. If you feel like you can wrangle 60+ people, we may even be able to come to you!


We need help on shoot days! When we get to an event (like Pride, for example), we need people to wear the shirt, tell people about the project and get them to lend us their face. All you have to be is friendly and gung-ho!

Political Action

If you have connections in any area of government or policy creation that might be helpful, please let us know!

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